Chasing Horizons

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Community Endeavors

Chasing Horizons is committed to Swaziland and all things related; we promote Swaziland and support local business. We accomplish everything we can in-house to be as Swazi as possible, and that includes helping out in any area we can.

We are not a charity or a volunteers’ organisation and don’t take donations, but we are pro-active in improving the lives of those around us and addressing Swaziland’s many and varied issues. We help out wherever we can and have made donations to rural communities, assisted in building homes, donated firewood and painted a shop.

Watch this space for more community stuff we get up to, you never know where it may lead or how many lives you could change by Chasing Horizons.

We will be engaging with and staying with local community projects all over Swaziland, sharing the wealth and experiences with everyone.

For our corporate clientele, if you would like to get involved in this important endeavour for your corporate social investment in the community; contact us. We will take you personally to the communities we support so that you can get involved in a hands-on way. 

Our Partner Companies

Buhleni Farm ChaletsWanna SafiriOverlanding West AfricaBombaso'sSwazi Trails

Buhleni Self-Catering Chalets & Campsite Bombaso's Swazi Trails Overlanding West Africa