Chasing Horizons

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Exploring Southern Africa

We offer a multitude of excursions to great destinations around Southern Africa

We travel anywhere around Swaziland or across the border to Mozambique or South Africa. Our trips can be all – inclusive or just transport, we offer itineraries to suit any budget and activities for any taste. 

If there is any event, at any time, that you would be interested in attending, drop us an e-mail and we will pencil it in, advertise it and we could be going! Events such as Oppi Koppi, Burning Man, and Bushfire are all musts and you are guaranteed to find us there! We are willing to do pick-ups and drop-offs anywhere, anytime, for a minimum of 8 Passengers.

Nothing will be ‘normal’, these are not organised tours with scheduled stops, this is bespoke and unique, anything but the mainstream.

Our Partner Companies

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Buhleni Self-Catering Chalets & Campsite Bombaso's Swazi Trails Overlanding West Africa