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Featured Expeditions

SWAZILAND - Trips from E1000pp

Swaziland by Region

This is a 100% Swazi Route, visiting local establishments, local food local markets and lots of people!
We guarantee to get you out and about exploring new places less visited.
We do 3 trips into different regions of Swaziland: Highveld, Middleveld and Lowveld these 3 regions are very distinct and each trip offers a different experience in a contrasting area of the country.

The Highveld Tour - From E350pp
Characterised by mountain grasslands.
The Middlveld Tour - From E300pp
Hotter dryer valleys interspersed with rivers and hills.
The Lowveld Tour - From E700pp
Hotter dryer bushveld characterised by low rolling hills and Swaziland's famous sugar plantations.




Includes Transport, Water, Entrance to Ngwenya Mine and Tour, Visit to Bushmen Rock Paintings, Stops at Maguga Dam/Lodge, Visit Ngwenya Glass Factory.

Picnic lunch Optional

The middleveld of Swaziland is a rich and diverse area teeming with interesting things. Being the heart of the country means we can see and do many things without travelling far and this tour is based around getting you to the highlights of the area.

Includes Transport, Lunch, Water,  Entrance to Hlane, Sundown Boat Cruise on Tshaneni Dam.

For those travellers wishing to base themselves in one spot and enjoy a tour or a combination of tours of Swaziland, we have a partnership with Buhleni Farm offering very comfortable self-catering accommodation and camping.

The Campsite and Chalets are set amidst a gorgeous pecan plantation with extensive gardens and are located just 5 min away from The Gables Shopping Complex which hosts some of the best restaurants/pubs in the country as well as movie theatres and a wide variety of shops.

The campsite boasts a well appointed ablution block, kitchen facilities & braai area.

Additional facilities include a floodlit volleyball court, swimming pool & bar area. Special rates for groups available upon enquiry.

MOZAMBIQUE - From E500pp
Maputo by Day

Chasing Horizons will get you to Maputo and back in safety and comfort in our luxury 15 seat, air conditioned Sprinter. We will make your experience easy and enjoyable, taking the stress out of crossing the border or worrying about driving.

We have a great Maputo experience to offer taking in all the best bits of an amazingly vibrant city. Thriving markets, bustling streets and effervescent people make the Maputo experience one of our favorites!


Maputo has always been famous for its cuisine and we will have plenty of time to enjoy the amazing flavours the city has to offer, the world Famous LM prawns are a must, but any tastes can be accommodated in a multitude of fine, or if you prefer, local restaurants by the sea.

SOUTH AFRICA - From E1000 pp

This adventure will take you through the mountains of Swaziland across the border and into the world famous Kruger National Park. Spending time here will get you in touch with the animals of Africa before heading west into the mountains for one of the most amazing views in South Africa. Gods Window allows for a bird's eye view of Kruger stretching out over the lowveld. This area has activities of all kinds to offer. We will take the time to do some hiking before riding the adrenaline infused gorge swing!

Kruger to God's Window


Bike Swaziland!

We are very keen Mountain Bikers for many reasons. It’s a great way to see the world, especially Swaziland, it’s environmentally friendly, bikes can go anywhere and it’s great for personal health and fitness. We are opening and developing mountain bike routes and trips around Swaziland. Watch this space and join us, we have one for the best countries for mountain biking in Southern Africa!

If you’re local, get in touch, let’s ride and train together! If you’re from outside, you are welcome bring your bike or borrow ours and we’ll proudly show you Swaziland at whatever pace you desire.

MTB Swaziland

Having only started cycling recently in Swaziland there is a lot we don’t know about, but we are learning, and competing, and we are going across the border for events and training. Join us!

4X4 SELF DRIVE - from E200pp E1500 per vehicle

Guided self drive 4x4 off-road trips!

Lets go and play!! We are 4x4 enthusiasts and want to show you our amazing country our favourite way!

There is no better way to see Swaziland than with an offroad vehicle. Having grown up in the Kindgdom enjoying all sorts of ways to get out and about off the beaten track, we love to go out with the toys and camp and explore, see new places and visit old favourites!

4 X 4

Chasing Horizons would like to take you on an adventure into the wilds of Swaziland. Our extensive knowledge of the best places and the most challenging (or mild if you prefer) routes ensure you an awesome experience of the Swazi outback for your self and your vehicle.

We offer full day, half day, or all inclusive packages.

Offroad Recovery and assistance
we offer an assistance and emergency recovery service throughout Swaziland, allowing you to travel at ease and get of the beaten track with confidence - secure in the knowledge that we have your back if you need it.

Overnight 4x4 trips to those hard to reach places
We offer guided trips throughout Swaziland, staying at a number of Community Projects and amazing camping spots.
These trips are tailored to suit budget and clients ability (fitness levels, equipment, etc.).

4x4 Off-Road Drive Training
We at Chasing Horizons are fans of all things offroad and love the opportunity to show people what Swaziland has to offer with a little local twist. We have been trained in the dark art of offroad driving and can offer training and helpful advice to less experienced drivers, ensuring the safety of you and your vehicle.

We also offer offroad experiences for those without vehicles, we will take you where that hire car wont/cant go!!

Khopo hut/ngwempisi rock lodge
Khlelekhele beach
Komati valley
London Bus Camp

HIKING - From E150pp

Hike Swaziland!

Get in touch with us to plan an adventure ama (on) 10 toes. We would love to share our extensive knowledge of the countryside with you. If you would like to get off the guide book path and see some of the best places in Swaziland, we'd love to show you!

Chasing Horizons isn’t necessarily about travelling far, or fast, it's also about taking it slow and peaceful and enjoying the stuff you can only seen on foot.

We offer hikes to suit all likes and fitness levels, from gentle strolls in rolling hills to some hard-core, heart-burning climbs to amazing views overlooking Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique. Swaziland has it all to offer those who want to get out and explore on foot.


Some of our favorite Swaziland Hiking destinations/areas:

  • Malolotja Nature reserve
  • Maguga Dam and Komati Valley
  • Pine Valley and Sibebe Rock
  • Ezulwini Valley and Sheeba’s Breast
  • Mlawula Nature Reserve
  • Ngwempisi Gorge
  • Mahamba Gorge

It is possible to hike all over Swaziland - in the nature conservation areas and also on nation land, we can guide your hike in any area, suited to your desires and fitness levels.

MUSIC FESTIVALS - From E200pp (local) E600pp (SA+Moz)

Music to Our Ears!

There is nothing like the thrill of live music and pulsating crowds, whether it’s hard and heavy or bouncing reggae. Exploring live music is Chasing Horizons’ style and we want to attend all manner of music festivals in the future! Whatever special musical events or concerts are coming up, bands or artists are visiting South Africa we are there! Bushfire Swaziland, of course!!!  Carnival de Maputo... tutu bein! Style and genre do not matter, feel the beat, get on your feet, and let’s CHASE HORIZONS!!


Rate includes Transport only, trips organised according to destination and festival.

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